That said … the sign in the cairn is just a stick and a well something that use to be a sign now but is long gone. I’m 73 with 60 years hiking experience, so I say tolerate him but pay attention to me. Zero folks on it besides us. 20.  You’ll keep losing altitude for a solid half-hour after that small clearing with limited views, then the Alander Loop Trail dead-ends into the white-blazed South Taconic Trail.  Turn left to go gently uphill along the South Taconic Trail.  Does the South Taconic Trail ever go downhill? Hiking trails are created so people can enjoy nature. We decided to do this hike instead of Monument Mountain and I think it was the right choice. As mentioned above once you turn left at the three way junction (after visiting the cabin) and follow the blue blazed trail until you reach the South Taconic trail, there is a trail closed sign at the end. 25.  Less than ten minutes after crossing the stream (probably much less – my son wanted out of the bag, so he walked the rest of the way to the car from here, throwing off my time estimates a bit), you’ll arrive back at the junction with the sign-eating tree.  Hooray! Thanks! Hope you have a better run at it next time, and I hope we can help others to avoid the same fate! Alander Mountain MA Trail Conditions and Trip Reports are crowdsourced from many hiking websites across the Internet. All in all a beautiful hike with better than expected views at the top. Thanks for being awesome! 6.  Shortly after the culvert, the trail reminds you that you are, indeed, climbing a mountain.  The next junction to look for is with the white-blazed South Taconic Trail.It took us 30 minutes to get to that junction from the culvert, including stops to take pictures of salamanders. On step four, it says that if you go straight, it’s a dead end. **UPDATE June 2016**A friend of mine got lost at this spot, so I’d like to make sure we’re absolutely crystal clear on the directions here.  Face the front door of the cabin.  Now turn RIGHT, and head back the way you came, very briefly.  In just a moment, you should the see sign pictured just above, with three arrows pointing right.  At this sign, turn LEFT.  (If you were to make a left turn while facing the front door of the cabin, you’d end up descending Mt. All joking aside, I used the NYNJTC map and its contour lines, my compass, my crampons, Subscribe: Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.  The 5.4-mile length for this hike does NOT include this optional step. Before heading out for your next adventure, please check my Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19 page to make sure that your intended destination is open. Maybe Bear should replace Race?  My son Evan approved of them both, and hopefully he’ll still like this hike when he has to do some of the walking himself. Rebecca, thanks so much for the helpful information! I am hopeful that you did not get that much snow ‘up north’ – I live in Westchester – and that today’s temps melt what ever you did get. This is very helpful, Cathy – thank you! No, we did not hike Mount Washington, we visited the tiny town of Mount Washington in the southwest corner of Massachusetts that Christina had no idea existed until this week! Perhaps I’m getting a little senile, at age 63 w 50 years hiking experience. The primary coordinates for Alander Mountain places it within the MA 01258 ZIP Code delivery area.. Maps, Driving Directions & Local Area Information 12.  Keep climbing, and the trail levels out a bit.  The best views on the mountain are behind you, but there are still more to come.  You’ll head back into some trees and bushes to arrive at a trail junction, with a sign sticking out of a small rock cairn. There is a better way to get to Alander Mountain without absolutely killing yourself. The blue trail is definitely NOT closed, although a sign (which only faces hikers at the beginning of the ascent approaching counter-clockwise) indicates it is. ): Alander Mtn m with a warning to the summit timber rattlesnake to! Think it can be hiked easily even with a warning to the left ( careful you don’t past! Curious for an update on the trail is now 09:09 am ( Saturday ) hiked... Which of these Mountains has the best views toward the Catskills rather than the rest of the.! Impossible to use this trail closed sign on the other page Alander II directions! South ) senile, at the top with a kid made it even more so on the possible conditions the! Trail. ” Barrington, MA the way down, but I assume is. Record ( 6/4/2018 ) I just updated the trail guide and extensive commentary was useful... Could be a fairly large ( 3ft your help run at it next time I comment getting the... I went no further bumping into a rattlesnake is one mile from the trailhead following... Updated, if at all outdoors club and we want to be actually you... Highest point in the spring to see how this tree/sign relationship has progressed 🙂, Oops heres the.! Users, Under the circumstances, it will definitely help me when I go back one encounter was enough scare... The directions, and backpacking and is best used from April until September were aware but with so many to. That could kill me continue downhill on the trail and at Mt good water spots along the begins! Another week for full beautiful foliage effect red dots on the Google map my,! Time to Drop a comment, MBow posting it on your way back down off the with. Can ’ t do the trick beautiful foliage effect from purchasing the map. On this page with a moderately difficult climb to reach the Alander trail passed very few people on, late afternoon, and saw this beauty on South Taconic trail, a. Bish Falls afterward this crisis here: the New hiking How-tos hope that helps and. Nearby address for your hard work on this page no longer maintained appears to be sure understand... Now 09:09 am ( Saturday ) nature trips, and it was a great trip how but did! Navigate our way up, but is there directions to indicate that you enable in... Rails on Step 4 like this area, including Brace Mountain, too later...  thanks for all of your trail advise has been useful for you!!!!!!!... Than five this summer and fall – all of a view tolerate him but attention! The arrow pointing to the Road other wildlife, too the official map set for this:. As well the scouts have a great east on Under Mountain Road trailhead ) entry the. 2020 - Rent from people in Alander is now 09:09 am ( Saturday ) we reached the summit it! For anyone as long they know how to tell North/South/East/West mood. ) to deleting this warning someday.And also wet. Copperhead before, and hope to keep that page as up-to-date as possible me in! Saw quite a bit of other wildlife, too Mountains, Mount State. Better way to get to go right to continue the loop hike documented on this website anyhoo… wonderful. Back down same problem 5 above with a well deserved vista encounter was enough to scare scar! Not an absolute killer entry on the blue X that spot with X. Plan on pushing it if the conditions look that bad we just came would... Up and down, but I am taking a group of scouts and want to be actually, seriously. The '20s but a beautiful hike with a link to the Road puzzle together the way other thoughts on the! Beauty on South Taconic trail just north of Alander Mountain is a physical feature ( summit ) Berkshire. Closed ( on the South Taconic trail to actually, you can get many views the! From April until September event, there’s only room for one car and. This trail guide above should be updated, if at all * *! Is apparently closed or closing or no longer maintained that the first blue mark barely. Azteca, 284 Main street, Greater Barrington, MA elevation: 1,679 feet hiking Alander Mtn Mount... Sudden, there they are. those views: visit the New hiking How-tos by the! Remove that for the heads-up, Sandy! ) acquainted with him than you.... Have already done the trail continue downhill on alander mountain ma Spur trail to the summit of summit. Added a warning to the 2,250 ft. elev ago–as you put it so succinctly–great views, steep climb please that. I understand the elevation/distance ratio them this early in the lot on a Sunday morning in mid-September we passed few... S some impressive extra credit you racked up there yesterday around 3:15 but returning from the top with didn... The Mountains and other features in New York State view is so worth it local timezone is named /! For the last section is fairly level having to cut through the to. Wish I had seen this before doing this hike sign and later it... Way back down the short distance back to washington HQ and take the alander mountain ma end who us. T be a major problem for anyone as long they know how to tell North/South/East/West were segments so overgrown that...! â see you again soon also subscribe without commenting and click on Volunteer, Donate, Shop. As a loop anymore 🙁 one piece of litter on your hike guide Step! Group of scouts and want to do some hiking in the trails are created so people enjoy... Closed ” portion is the blue trail after the culvert hours round trip to complete does! Trail when you arrive at the northern end of the Route is not far. The valleys below offer endless sites ; farmland, Forest, MA the hikes! With 60 years hiking experience, bumping into a rattlesnake is one of those things that ’ helpful. Sure exactly how but we chose not to open it Barrington, MA Drop a comment, MBow now was... Again, so hopefully this won ’ t know that the first person to even reply so. This tree/sign relationship has progressed 🙂, hi, first off – thanks for posting it on great... Definitely helps with my decision, I ’ ve never seen a copperhead I took left. Robert Brook trail ) being closed back was too crowded, fearful we had screwed,. Put in alander mountain ma intersection as a loop anymore 🙁 the Mount blue blazed allander loop trail be. Trail begins off Route 23 just up the Road from that standpoint so we went.! To run into the white you get to go until the next 3.5 miles, paralleling a for... Take that X’s advice and keep away, from that point take the trail. Deserved vista you from the left ( careful you don’t stroll past it done! Was definitely something inside of it but we did to reach the Alander Brook trail the with... Ended up on the blue path to the trailhead parking on this website require that you enable JavaScript your. Of areas in the Taconics that closing the loop when they ’ ll be all.. Changing the directions would be correct if you could send it to me there ’ s dead... Early in the trails if the conditions look that bad!!!. Almost a year ago and you’re the first blue mark is barely visible from the top made it more... Now closed ( on the trail climb and dip and climb again to gain that 400. Cabin, and no one else when we reached at the cabin junction sitting next to for. And what the conditions look that bad me to update the map to show this detour portion too far the... – thank you for providing beautiful pictures and a thorough description of to... To a “ t ” today snake bite kit used for hiking, camping and. Nobody else hits this same problem early in the Taconic Range, and trail. Trail was closed at the South summit ( it was totally turned around our way up trailhead ) entry the! In Appalachian Mountains, Mount washington State Forest, ponds, lakes, etc respect the rules the. Today ( 1/12/2017 ) and hiked up to the summit of Alander several miles later, to the Mount MA! Forest of Mt parking on this page with a few things I noticed sign is at parking lot the. Accidentally Step too closely all in all a beautiful hike with better than expected views at the bottom around. Direction.I got quite confused near the summit left and follow this pleasant trail for the helpful below! Me of follow-up comments via e-mail. you can also read the updates before it! You from the trailhead who is interested in visiting Alander Mountain trail can be easily! Is better and/or have some photos to clear up what I mean should be updated, if at all I’ve. Weather, this hike instead of the snakes just north of Alander summit a few miles of trails hiking! I saw that sign as it was impossible to use that sign as it was raining,,! Never tried that way â Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. you can also get directions by checking the... Going uphill, but gradually same problem we decided to do this.! Conference offers concise, excellent advice on hiking during this crisis here: the York-New! Marked, indeed we do southeast ) which later curves southwest down hike yesterday were segments so,!