Call Us (888) 992-4272 or Buy Online at Brand New .999 Pure Silver Bullion Grade MADE IN USA. These 1 kg silver bars are cast or poured meaning each bar has a unique finish. Vault Ready. Order online today! Explore the 1 Kilo Silver Bars Available from JM Bullion. Perth Mint Silver. The most popular contenders in our silver bar inventory are 1 Oz Silver Johnson Matthey Bar, 10 Oz Silver Scotiabank Bar, 10 Oz Silver Sunshine Minting Bar and 100 Oz Silver Royal Canadian Mint Bar. Special Items. Quick View. The 15 kg bars are not packaged. Platinum. Our 1 kilo silver bars are brand new, pure 999 silver direct from an a London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refiner. PAMP Gold and Silver Bullion . 1 - 14 $1,207.40. Looking to buy 1kg silver bars online? They have a fineness or purity of 99.9%. $18,006.94. Fast shipping & Handling. In 2014, the purity of all silver bars was increased to 999.9 and all cast bars were marked with a serial number. Depending on the bar size, silver bars may be minted or cast. Order online today! Price $13.50. Buying Silver Bars from JM Bullion. These bars are secondary market bars and may have nicks and scratches. 1 Kg Local New Zealand Silver Bar (Cast Ingot) These are locally refined 1 kg New Zealand Silver Bars. Add Page 1 of 1; First name. Ten ounce bars are a great mix of both. Perth Mint €842.49 £759.24 Buy 1 Kilo Silver Bars Online. Perth Mint Year Of The Goat 10 Kilo Silver Coin You. Available in 1, 5, 10, 32.151 (Kilo), 100 or 1,000 ounce sizes, .999 fine silver bars are used either as an investment asset or as an industrial product – thanks to their easy-to-store larger size. Following the ‘roaring‘ success of the Silver Trophy Stag Coin, MyGold® are extremely proud to offer the exclusive and highly coveted 1kg Silver Stag Bar.This unique bullion bar is inspired by the magnificent Red Deer stag often found in the rugged New Zealand bush country of the Kaimanawas and Ureweras. They are priced accordingly. Buy 1 Kilo Silver Bars: 32.151 Troy Ounces per Bar. ABC Bullion customers can be assured they are receiving the most accurate pricing for silver bullion trading. While there are plenty of other weights available, from 1 Gram, 1/2 Troy oz and 1 oz up to 50 oz, 100 oz, and even 400 oz, few of these options have as many choices as 1 Kilo Silver Bars provide to buyers. Custom pours as well upon request. 1 oz SILVER - CCCP 9999 fine bar. The good delivery bar represents the very cheapest way to buy gold bullion and is the ideal way to invest in gold for the very wealthiest of investors looking to buy large amounts of gold. While the stamped bars (1 oz to 500 g) are delivered in a blister card, the 1 kg and 5 kg bars are sealed in plastic film. Sleeve for Silver Bars from $0.15 Frame-a-coin 10 oz. Silver Bar Capsule Holder from $2.95 1 Kg of silver equals 32.15 Troy Ounces. Sleeve for Silver Bars from $0.35 CoinSafe 10 oz. 15 - 49 $1,200.40. 50 - 99 $1,195.40. If you’re stacking bars, the most popular size is the 100-ounce silver bar. 3. 1 kg ABC Silver Bullion Cast Bar - 15 kg Monster Box . Our 1 kilo silver bullion bars contain exactly 1,000 grams of pure .999 fine silver. Kilo of silver june 2020 ten 10 kilo 32 15 oz jm silver bar 1 kilo metalor silver bar 9999 fine 1 kilo metalor silver bar 9999 fine 10 oz silver bar best price free johnson matthey silver kilo bar jm. Sleeve for Silver Bars from $0.10 Frame-a-coin 5 oz. Our silver bars come in a variety of sizes and weights including 1oz, 5oz, 10oz and 100oz options. View details 100oz Silver Cast Bar . When you’ve found the right silver bar for you, we can help you with any purchasing questions. Related: 5 oz silver bar 100 oz silver bar silver bar 1 oz 20 oz silver bar 1 oz silver silver bullion 10 oz silver bar engelhard 10 oz silver bar scottsdale 10 oz scottsdale stacker silver bar kilo silver 10 oz silver coin 10 oz silver bar sunshine mint