The Assistant role is continuously changing. In my case, Suzie and Danielle are thinking and acting on my behalf all day long—things I wouldn’t even think of or do because I just don’t have the bandwidth. We have a fantastic article on how to make sure you get the most out of your Assistant performance review. You are so busy organising everyone else and making sure your Executive is set for the year ahead. As an Executive Assistant (EA) or Personal Assistant (PA), you may be asked by your employer to come up with some goals for yourself in your yearly performance review sessions. Ask a colleague, friend or family member to check in on your progress, to give you pep-talks and push you when you are not feeling motivated. Task-related objectives for Executive and Personal Assistants. Heading up a variety of miscellaneous groups and committees. This is the objective that will help you justify attending training and conferences for Assistants. We are going to break these examples down into four areas: Business-related objectives for Executive and Personal Assistants. Goal setting is essential for Assistants and something they must do every year to be successful in the role. Two: What are SMART objectives? We heard from Hallie Warner, Chief of Staff at Adam Hergenrother Companies, a Chief of Staff who has progressed from EA to become a leading business strategist. performance plan that focus on results achieved, contain at least one element that is aligned with organizational goals, and are in place within 30 calendar days of the beginning of the appraisal period. Setting goals and SMART objectives do go beyond performance reviews, though. We will look at how Assistants can make sure they create goals and objectives they can stick to, and we will cover some tips and tricks that will help Assistants align their objectives with their Executives. Please share your thoughts and advice in the comments below. Can you make changes that will make the process more efficient or better user experience? When thinking about your objectives, it is worth adding some goals that can really stretch you and develop you both personally and professionally. It is critical to your success as an Assistant. How do I go about this? How will the completion of the task be judged? That could mean finding a seamstress in a faraway city who can immediately repair a rip in the boss' suit, or a luxury hotel offering nanny services on a day's notice. Careers / Executive Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants Summary Description Provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings. The most complete project management glossary for professional project managers. To be completed by Q2. If you are unsure which skills to focus on, firstly we have put together an in-depth list of hard skills that will help you think about the skills you have and the skills you want to improve going forward. The following are five great performance goals that you can consider setting for yourself as an EA or PA: These are a few great ways to focus on setting goals for your career as an EA or PA. To further develop your career as a PA or EA, check out our upcoming events. You need to have goals, objectives and plans in place that keep you motivated, challenged and happy. These free templates will help you stay on track throughout the year. Incumbent: Vacant . One goal for your executive assistant is that you and she/he establish a bond and learn to work very well together. You want them to be able to anticipate your needs, and a personal relationship will make this possible. It is her understanding of the company that will determine how efficiently administration c… We have looked at how Assistants can create SMART objectives that are specific to the Assistant role, measurable, attainable for the level of Assistant (goals should be different for Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants to C-Suite Executives and Administrative Support Assistants). Successful Assistants never stop learning and growing. For a secretary whose work never has to be corrected, rate his expertise closer to or at a 10. The objective must be relevant to the industry the Assistant works in and finally time-based so that Assistants can meet the deadlines and milestones set around the objective. The first point that is worth making is that there is a difference between goals and objectives. Assistants are always so busy helping other people achieve their goals that often we forget to plan out time for ours! Goal and objective setting is key to developing into a top-level Executive Assistant. There are several reasons this is important: here are just a few: Understanding what motivates your Executive is a crucial aspect of the Assistant role. Here is an example of a skills-related objective for an Executive Assistant: Maintain advanced knowledge of all Microsoft packages including Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and OneNote. Personal objectives for Executive and Personal Assistants. To be completed each Quarter. Often we use the same language to describe how we want the year ahead to play out, but there is a difference between goals and objectives: A goal is a clear, single-minded statement of an outcome – an ambition – to be reached within a specific timeframe. To be completed by the end of Q1. Your salary increase and bonuses are also dependant on you achieving your goals, so it is easier in one sense. But, without a coherent list of objectives for the year ahead, Assistants will struggle to measure their success against the ever-expanding workload and tasks Assistants are expected to tackle. Many administrative assistants and executive assistants are stymied by goal setting. This is where your objectives play a part. If you are, then you need to make your objective statement highly compelling. If you can find a course that includes the skill you need to improve, you will find it easier to detail the business case for attending. Think of the tasks that you would like to be involved in and add an objective around that. There are so many tasks that Assistants can choose when they are deciding on their objectives for the year. Here are two examples of a task-related objective for an Executive Assistant: Review team building activities for the department, including remote workers. Their work description also includes receiving, sorting, and distributing mails to … The purchasing department spends an average of $1,000 per month on supplies and they need to cut out $100 (10% of $1,000) per month in costs. I’m an executive assistant. Date last updated: May 2013 . Your manager will thank you for this one. How to ensure Assistants meet their objectives. Sample Chief Executive Officer Performance Appraisal Process and Assessment Form . KPI Library is a community for performance management professionals. But, it isn’t impossible. The Personal and Executive Assistant role has expanded way beyond arranging diaries and booking travel. Executive Assistant to CEO. According to her, this means Executive Assistants should set “goals around skills and tactics to deal with the reactive nature of the job.” Focus on New Skills and Knowledge. Assistants need to set objectives that can take their career forward and make clear what is expected of them in the role. Adding a personal development objective shows that you are invested in yourself, and you take your growth seriously. To be completed for Q3. Often difficulty with setting goals for administrative assistants and executive assistants becomes apparent during a performance … My boss is making me write my own Key Performance Indicators. Date developed: September 2012 . One, they establish clear performance expectations between the assistant and supervising manager. Now that we have defined the difference between goals and objectives lets concentrate on initially setting goals that Assistants can progress throughout the year. Does everyone know exactly what the objective means and what is expected of the assistant? Thank you! Here are two examples of a business-related objective for an Executive Assistant: Work with other parts of the business (Marketing, Facilities, IT and HR) to create a more effective and detailed monthly monitoring system for supplier spending. Administrative assistants are often the glue that holds an office together. When you are working with your Executive on your goals for next year, make sure you completely understand why they are essential to you, your Executive and the broader organisation. For Executive and Personal Assistants, you must know what your Executive’s goals and objectives entail. What do you suggest for measurable ones for an Executive Assistant? Most would say this position doesn’t have any goals, but our performance review system requires me to set goals. The Effective Executive Assistant (EEA) builds value for the business by supporting the executive in such a manner that he or she is able to more effectively perform his or her job. When you set goals that you want to achieve, you need to hold yourself accountable. Executive assistants know what the executive has to do every single day, what must be completed, what’s the goal, what are the deadlines. One day an Assistant is working on a project, only to find out the next day, the entire project has been scrapped. Get an accountability buddy! Look at the processes and procedures used in the business, what works, and what doesn’t work? Executive assistant KPI In this ppt file, you can ref KPI materials for Executive assistant position such as Executive assistant list of KPIs, performance appraisal, job skills, KRAs, BSC… If you have a demanding schedule, this can, of course, be tricky and it comes down to communication and setting expectations. As an Executive Assistant (EA) or Personal Assistant (PA), you may be asked by your employer to come up with some goals for yourself in your yearly performance review sessions. Embrace the challenge – coming up with a plan for your career and goal setting is vital to you reaching your full potential. Communicate your goals with your Executive, state how important they are to you and how you want to achieve them and let your Executive be part of the process. Key performance indicators for executive assistant examples. Big life goals can seem impossible when looked at as a whole, so you have to break your goals down into action points that you can tick off as the year pans out. 3 Rate the secretary's performance in specialty areas, such as legal, medical and executive assistance. Screening mail and phone calls is more than a "gatekeeper" duty. Over the year’s we have written a lot about performance reviews and setting goals and objectives for Assistants. There are challenges when it comes to creating objectives for Assistants, but it is not impossible. If an Executive takes little time to help their Assistant set reasonable objectives, how do they know what to judge the Assistant on? You don't think about the steps that you need to take to prepare for that goal. You will need to take some accountability. The job is demanding, fast-paced and Assistants have to deal with a lot of changes to work plans. Assistants should take a proactive approach with their objectives to ensure that they have a series of pointers that will lead to a fantastic performance review. It is always beneficial to add a skills-related objective to your goals for the year. It is unbelievably rewarding to see what you have achieved to date. Read 4 business management books and share my new knowledge with the team. They handle outbound/inbound calls as well as direct calls to appropriate staff member. III.Top 12 methods for executive assistant to president performance appraisal: 1.Management by Objectives (MBO) Method This is one of the best methods for the judgment of an employee's performance, where the managers and employees set a particular objective for employees and evaluate their performance periodically. Relevant: Is it a sensible objective within the current business climate? Some Executive Assistants may be asked to take the lead on a committee dedicated to office fun and social events. Three: Examples of SMART objectives for Assistants Knowing the challenges Assistants have when planning their objectives for the year, we will provide a list of brilliant objectives and goals that Assistants can apply to their role. We know it is common for Assistants to leave their goal-setting right to the last minute. So a performance goal might look something like this: Purchasing Department Goal: Reduce purchasing supply costs by 10%. So make sure you pick goals that motivate you and play to your values. Let’s have a look at examples of goals and objectives that Assistants can use to elevate your career and get the reward and recognition you deserve. Objectives must be SMART. 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