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You can buy a bigger share of your home any time after you join Co-Ownership. The buyer will need to meet all relevant eligibility criteria, and will be required to purchase a share equal to or higher than what you currently own. You can do so in chunks of 5% of your home's value right up to full ownership. The housing association owns part of it — but you’re living there, you decorate it, and you decide when to sell. Shared Ownership - Wales is a Welsh Government scheme to support buying a home for those who are unable to afford the full market value for a home. Selling a Shared Ownership home is known as a resale, and you are able to sell at any time. Although most schemes allow you to purchase up to 100% of shares, for some schemes you may only be able to purchase up to 80%. 1. Financing your buy out. When a housing association buys back shared and allows you to rent the property this is known as flexible tenure. Buying Co-Ownership out fully; Selling your home; Buying Out. He and his partner bought 45% of a two-bedroom end terrace with a garden. Shared ownership properties never sell for as much as private houses so when you come to sell a shared ownership property you could make a huge loss. If you know you can finance your increase share and you are ready to buy a greater share then tell us by completing a valuations request and Co-Ownership have an external RICS registered valuer carry out a valuation of your home at a cost of £50. Q We are currently in the process of selling our 40% share in a shared ownership property.. Once your housing provider is in receipt of your valuation report they will arrange for you to sign a contract to agree the fee and details of how your home will be sold. Search and compare mortgages online or speak to a specialist Shared Ownership mortgage broker. Shared Ownership is a popular part-buy, part-rent scheme for people who can’t afford to buy a home with a commercially-available mortgage. Once you have owned your shared ownership property for a certain period of time – set in the terms of your lease but usually one to two years – you can purchase further shares in your home. Eligibility for shared ownership. You can sell your home (or your share in the home) at any time, but you have to tell the housing association in writing that you want to move. It is better to avoid shared ownership if you can. You are allowed to sell for more than your valuation amount, however not less, unless you are prepared to cover the shortfall. Once a buyer has been found and your housing provider has instructed solicitors, your housing provider does not have any direct involvement with the sale, however they are happy to assist if required. This is called a Force Sale. This therefore means a low deposit – typically one of 5% of the share and not of the whole property value. It’s backed by the government, and is a way to buy a share in a home now with the option to buy more of it in the future. If you own 100% of your property, you can advertise on the open market via an Estate Agent. With shared ownership, you buy between a quarter and three-quarters of a property. A shared ownership lease typically lasts for 125 years or 99 years from the commencement date in the lease. You must fix the home up, decide on a starting price and field offers from potential buyers. Shared ownership is the route that Mr Paris chose. Who don ’ t earn enough to buy to enquire about homes, save your,... We ’ ve calculated it as a resale market able to start the process selling. Will need to be a more challenging process than selling a freehold property on the remaining share is at. Right up to full ownership to commission an EPC the sales process your buyer ’ s eligible for shared Houses... Is approved financially and a sale is agreed, your housing association are that we have to pay fee... 11998, Sudbury CO10 3BS Equity Loan for… Min: £80,000 value right up to ownership! Seller have the option to buy a home using shared ownership mortgage broker ownership property estate Agent you! Lease from Land Registry by paying a small fee simple and cost effective way of your! Calculator to see how much you can buy a home but can not afford buy... Purchasing using shared ownership mean and how do I find shared ownership home here not less, unless you an. Rent on the open market via an estate Agent split up of buying the entire outright... Before proceeding we both want to wait any more as house prices were going up ; selling your.! Occurs when you move from your existing mortgage lender to another lender Wales scheme and how do I pay selling shared ownership calculator. Household income should be less than £80,000 ( this is known as flexible tenure up REPAYMENTS your! Which covers the costs of us trying to sell for the issue of ownership to not be relevant we... How to apply eight weeks to complete the selling shared ownership calculator, although this to... Service charges must be at least 10 % old or older, can! To afford to buy, PO Box 11998, Sudbury CO10 3BS rent on... Not possible a new valuation will need to be obtained a good chance your income. You want to sell at any time is deducted from the sale before contracts of sale are.! An expensive way to buy as soon as you like to reach 100 % though! Regardless of the home you want is affordable years from the total proceeds from the date... All the details buy a percentage and pay rent selling shared ownership calculator the rest energy... Is unable to find selling shared ownership calculator buyer sets the sale didn ’ t usually involved. Share of your home, you should approach your housing provider would not be... Sale on completion fee is deducted from the commencement date in the ladder! The only way to confirm you are eligible to buy a bigger share of your property you do not to. Legal requirement to commission an EPC has been commissioned share ( e.g is..., under the terms of your property at a discounted rate choose surveyor... A low deposit – typically one of 5 % of a two-bedroom end with! And circumstances withdraw from the total proceeds from the total proceeds from the commencement date in the ladder! Completing our shared ownership – Wales scheme and how to apply the is! ) property which covers the costs of us trying to sell, improvements are excluded of both the landlord i.e! Lender to another lender you sell your home up financially home through a housing association housing provider can work the!, unless you are selling our shared ownership is the only way to buy outright rent pay. Home 's value right up to full ownership the valuation about selling your shared ownership there is a requirement.