Writing any admission essay is a tough task, especially when trying to convey you have the right mix of characteristics Wharton is looking for. Please note that we will see all of your answer to the Reason for Leaving question, whether or not it is fully visible on your application when you print it using Adobe Acrobat PDF. Many candidates from three-year programs have a master’s degree as well, but it is not required. If you take a test more than once or take more than one testing format, all scores will be considered and must be reported in the application form. We offer two joint-degree programs: MBA/MA Lauder Joint Degree in International Studies Program, Francis J. If an applicant takes the LSAT, they must also take the GRE or the GMAT. Unless otherwise indicated, you may apply to both programs simultaneously. Discuss why you are applying to the Lauder program detailing specific reasons for applying to your chosen Program of Concentration and describing how you see yourself benefiting from, and contributing to, the Lauder program overall. All international applicants whose native language (language first learned and spoken at home) is not English, or who did not complete a degree from an institution where English was the language of instruction, are required to take the TOEFL or PTE. Connect these in a meaningful way to Wharton, showing how this offering will bring you closer to your goals. Official records are defined as original documents issued by the institution that bear both the actual (not photocopied) signature of the registrar and the institutional seal. Please submit only official academic records from educational institutions. When scheduling your OPI(s), please be sure to register as a Lauder applicant with LTI. If you are enrolled in the MD, DMD, or VMD program, you may apply to Wharton to start during any August up to and including the August following the third year of enrollment in the medical program. Connect the “Three Career Dots” What have you done to date, what unique things do you already … Ready to put the Ellin Lolis Advantage to work for your MBA application essays? I am a strong believer in the power of mentorship. With numerous opportunities (many of them overseas) to develop your leadership skills and build relationships with fellow students, Wharton offers a highly challenging yet highly collaborative approach to business education. The one exception to this requirement is if you completed the international work through a study-abroad, consortium, or exchange program sponsored by a US or Canadian institution, and the work is clearly indicated as such on the home campus transcript. The responses to this essay … Please use this space to share any additional information about yourself that cannot be found elsewhere in your application and that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee. Rushing to get your Round 2 essays … (500 words) 1. Admissions are made on an individual basis & all applicants are measured against both the MBA admissions requirements & in the greater context of all applicants. Now What? Essay … Records should show the date of enrollment, courses taken, units of credit or time allotted to each subject during each term or year, your marks or ratings in each subject, and, if available, your rank in the total class or group. They’re really just tweaks as the admissions office was preoccupied responding to … Like most goals essays, we suggest you start your essay with a bit of context before revealing what you intend to do in your future career and how Wharton’s MBA can help you reach your professional goals. The Carey JD/MBA Program’s Early Decision option is designed for applicants who have thoroughly researched their law school options and determined that the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School is their first choice. Round 3 – March 31, 2021. Given the unique nature of the program, applicants may not, after receiving an offer of admission, decide to enroll in one school and not the other (i.e., an applicant may not choose to only attend Wharton and not Penn Law, or vice versa, after a joint decision has been rendered). If you submit and complete an application for Round 1 or Round 2, you will receive a decision according to the Wharton MBA Admissions decision release timeline. Carey JD/MBA interviews are granted by invitation only. Now, the admissions committee has announced the updated Wharton MBA essays for the 2020-2021 admissions cycle. This will require reflection. OPI ratings are valid for a single application cycle, and reapplicants to the Lauder program will need to retake the OPI(s). Ready to put the Ellin Lolis Advantage to work for your MBA application essays? You must apply to both Wharton and the second school or program. Applicants to the Lauder program are required to complete one Lauder essay: Please write no more than 800 words explaining why you are applying to Lauder. Wharton only accepts official scores for English language tests. Let our award-winning editors use their expert writing abilities, deep understanding of what Wharton is looking for, and marketing know-how to transform your application from average to attention-grabbing and get you a spot at Wharton! In fact, nearly all of our students receive some kind of financial support for the graduate degree in International Studies. If an applicant takes the LSAT, they must also take the GRE or the GMAT. We are more concerned with what you have learned in your positions than we are with the length of time you’ve been in the workplace. This year’s Wharton MBA Essay tips will help you prepare your best Wharton application. Interviews for the MBA program are offered by invitation only. However, with increasing competition to join this innovative, collaboratively-minded university, That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to help you, . Please call 215.898.6183 or email us at mba-admiss@wharton… The Admissions Committee wants to get to know you on both a professional and personal level. The Wharton MBA supplemental essays, and how to nail them (2020-2021). Unlike last year’s question, which specifically asked you to focus on one story, this year’s question highly encourages you to include multiple examples. The Wharton … Please do not fill out nor submit the Fall 2021 – First Year JD application through the LSAC Electronic Application service. The title or position of the recommender is not as important as his/her ability to comment knowledgeably and specifically about you. A selection of positive personality characteristics. Transcripts of all academic work completed at the baccalaureate/undergraduate level and beyond, whether or not for credit or a degree, are required to apply for the MBA program. You must provide evidence to support the waiver. Secondly, your essay needs to demonstrate how the Wharton MBA will prepare you for the next step in your career with some specificity. Make sure to check them out! When telling your stories, make sure to use the STAR method to ensure you clearly demonstrate what happened, your role in the events, and what you learned. We require all recommendations to be submitted electronically. Describe an impactful … this year, that number is only likely to continue growing. If admitted, you must withdraw your applications from all other law schools and refrain from initiating new applications. If admitted, you will be required to provide official transcripts of all previous academic work to verify the information provided in the uploaded documents.