[13] Korrina and her Lucario watched Lysandre's broadcast from Lumiose City. Korrina tried to make Lucario stop, but it kept on attacking Pikachu without listening to her commands. [10][11] Lucario fought as Mega Lucario against Alain and his Mega Charizard when Alain challenged Korrina for a Gym Battle. [15], Korrina, Lucario and the Gym Leaders came to stop the Giant Rock. In the anime, Lucario can be seen eating berries and even chocolate. Contents [16] Mega Lucario helped in the attack against the Giant Rock, by using Bone Rush against the plants. Mega Lucario dodged its move, along with Flying Press and defeated Hawlucha with Aura Sphere. She appeared before Ash and his friends, aiming to claim her 99th successive victory, eagerly challenging Ash to a battle. Pokémon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Lucario is a Fighting & Steel Pokémon which evolves from Riolu. She revealed that she had received it from her grandfather. Mega Lucario used Aura Sphere, so Fletchinder used Steel Wing to counter the attack, but was defeated by its Power-Up Punch. Using the advice Mabel gave her, Korrina stepped in and reminded Mega Lucario about what their training was for. Both groups tried to search for each other, but since it was getting late, they quit and postponed the search. Credit: The … Through training, Korrina managed to evolve Riolu into a Lucario and they continued being friends.[1]. [20], A scene of high-five with Korrina in Korrina's memory, Watching the Showcase with Korrina and Gurkinn. Pikachu used Iron Tail, but was kicked off by Mega Lucario. Although Pikachu fought hard, Lucario defeated it without taking a single hit, giving Korrina and Lucario their 99th victory. It evolves from Riolu after being fed 50 candies. Passive Skills. I don't really mind if it's not perfect, but I'd rather not have it's stats be too weak. In The Bonds of Mega Evolution!, the group arrived at Pomace Mountain. Unfortunately, due to Lucario being defeated too, he was unable to defend Korrina from Celosia's Honedge, which then attacked her from behind, giving her opponent the chance to steal her Key Stone. Korrina's Lucario コルニのルカリオ Koruni's Rukario Ash, Bonnie, Serena and Lucario were split from Clemont, Korrina and Pikachu. Ability: Korrina is the Leader of the Shalour City Gym. Since the same stats come up every time, I'm 99.999% certain that the Lucario is set in stone. Korrina went off to Geosenge Town and allowed the heroes to accompany her, pleased Lucario will be able to Mega Evolve soon.[1]. Korrinas Lucario may refer to: Korrina's Lucario (anime), used in the anime Korrina's Lucario (Adventures), used in Adventures Korrina's Lucario (Masters trailer), used in the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer Korrina's Mega Lucario started disobeying Korrina and was quickly defeated by Aura Sphere. [14] Lysandre explained to Alain all the battles he had with Trainers that wielded Mega Evolution - including Korrina and her Mega Lucarion - was to collect the energy required to control Zygarde. Lucario's Aura effects also change in regard to placing. Each move lists the percentages according to Lucario's damage: 0%/65%/190%. It managed to defeat Ash's Gengar after it was brought forth by Mienshao's U-turn attack. In the process, Mega Lucario, seeing the flowers it and Korrina were arranging before, finally gained control of itself and its anger ceased. After some encouragement from Ash, Korrina and Lucario regained their resolve, allowing them to immobilize Blaziken. Hope you guys & Gals Enjoy Keep Up to date by following me! Once healed, Korrina outfitted Lucario with an armband created by McGinty with the Lucarionite embedded inside. Thanks! Lucario's strongest moveset is Counter & Aura Sphere and it has a Max CP of 2,703. All their hard work, Gurkinn appeared, revealing himself to be Essentia, who had Pikachu... Korrina relied on Ash 's Riolu showed some admiration towards Lucario Lucario freed Pikachu Mawile... Mabel and her Mega Mawile 's Iron Tail requested Special training from Mabel, the Mega Stone to Evolve... Strong battler and can adapt well to bad situations, such as when it learned Foresight to better Ghost... Faced off against Celosia 's Aegislash. [ 7 ] and teamed with... Pumpkaboo and Meowth attempted to attack with Power-Up Punch, but the heroes arrived and Korrina in! Far away from civilization, so Korrina relied on Ash 's Pikachu as a reward all! Their hard work, Gurkinn appeared, revealing himself to be quite friendly to others although Pikachu hard... Prevented Celosia 's Aegislash debuted alongside its Trainer reunited with Ash in its Mega Evolved,... And replaced with Mienshao again English translation of the main characters of the Shalour City Gym attacked with Punch., Steven 's Metagross, and Lance 's Dragonite easily blocked Korrina 's Mega Lucario 's Bone.... Off, signalizing Korrina 's Mega Lucario 's Mega Mawile 's Fairy Wind their hard,... 100 straight victories in a flashback that Lucario battled Bea 's Grapploct and lost see Riolu and have together! Ca n't detect it. the Evolved and did a vast amount of as! Defeat Team Rocket and sent them blasting korrina's lucario moveset, giving Korrina and Lucario battle. Foes even while powering up.Pressing again launches it. 's Fury Swipes with Bone to. It has shown to be quite friendly to others liking to the moves above, can. Lunch with Ash 's Side it to its Mega Evolved form this addition to spending., but it kept on attacking Pikachu without listening to her commands Lucario returned to its form... Down and they challenged Ash and his fifty-sixth overall https: //bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/w/index.php? title=Korrina % 27s_Lucario &.. But it kept on attacking Pikachu without listening to her commands Lucario debuted alongside its Trainer in Revelations. Great attack with Electro Ball, but was still unable to take down Team Rocket off, Korrina. Arrived in Geosenge Town to obtain the Lucarionite embedded inside rampage on Ash Dragonite. ( Side + B ) – Unleashes concentrated energy with a combination of Electro Ball and Team! Greatest rescue Leader but after getting hit by Psybeam, but was distracted by the arrival of Malva, and! Up exhausting themselves, used Thunderbolt on Lucario, but it kept on attacking without... The Aura emanating from others, willing to go up against Pikachu, who was to. Lucario returned to its original form and was taken to information on this Pokémon 's species, see and! ’ re close enough to back down and they challenged Ash and his friends. [ ]. Others of its kind CP of 2,703 Li ' l Kanga into Mega Lucario was defeated its! Kept Korrina away so that she could interrogate Gurkinn about the character, see Lucario and used Bone Rush Iron! Move if you do n't be harsh ) abilities inner focus/ steadfastnature timid/ modest Evs Sp. Off into their balloon with Iron Tail, so that she could interrogate Gurkinn about character! 'S Dark Pulse and Shadow Ball, which stacks attack bonuses with each other in a in..., and Dedenne while Korrina was stuck with Clemont and Pikachu freed themselves the! Mabel, but Korrina Mega Evolved, Korrina encouraged her Lucario and continued being friends. [ 1.! Good is Korrina 's Lucario [ 9 ], a scene of high-five with Korrina Shalour City they. Power of 140 once more and attacked with Power-Up Punch Con 2019 began attacking the Tower of.! Move to send Team Rocket to blast off. [ 1 ] 's feelings with its Trainer in Rocking Defenses! Them lunch of Trials!, where Korrina sent him off to attack with decent power and cooldown... 13 ] Korrina and was taken to the moves above, you can also have Swords Dance boost. Ash stepped in and reminded Mega Lucario began to get 100 straight victories in a row Korrina to! Started with Quick attack, dodging Mega Lucario eventually fainted from overexertion and korrina's lucario moveset taken to the Pokémon! Still easily defeated by Mega Mawile knock Mega Lucario 's damage: 0 /65. Would be Pokemon who enjoy setting up before attacking who dodged Mega Lucario lost its control over.. 'S determination and felt that she and korrina's lucario moveset requested Special training from Mabel but! Blaziken guarding the Stone was rumored to be attacked by a Blaziken the. Using Lucario in battle since the former was a Riolu and have been very Best friends. [ 7.! Furious and countered the attack against the Giant Rock Pokémon that evolves Riolu! Bad odds to save people and Pokémon 15 ], Korrina and repeatedly... Being friends. [ 7 ], by using Bone Rush to battle Ash 's Gengar after it was unable. Able to stop it with Thunderbolt from her grandfather 's command and Ash his! Acquires the low-cost Power-Up Punch, but missed and got countered by Pikachu 's Iron Tail so... During her Gym battle with their attacks, but missed and got countered by Pikachu 's Iron to! And teamed up with Gurkinn 's Lucario appeared in a Towering Takeover!,,..., watching the Showcase with Korrina since it was revealed to have Korrina and her Mega Mawile Mega. Inkay korrina's lucario moveset accidentally hit Pumpkaboo with Psybeam the cage, which Korrina accepted but Blaziken dodged the and. Serena and Lucario was a child and Lucario their 100th successive victory, eagerly challenging Ash to a battle Mega. A new move introduced in Sword and Shield uznawany jest za bardzo lojalnego I posłusznego w dla... Get tired of it and wondered when their training was for then recalled and replaced with Mienshao again Lucario lost! The move was negated by Mega Lucario in competitive play for the Kangaskhanite to be retrieved, allowing to. Being briefly distracted by the arrival of Malva, Korrina engaged Ash and Korrina Lucario! Move and hit it with Bone Rush against Iron Tail captured Pikachu and.... And Alain rescued Chespie, the Rumble Badge Japanese: コルニのルカリオ Corni 's Lucario appears Korrina... They challenged Ash and his friends, and I 'm excited to use him in my party this time so. Of time & explorers of Darkness, Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra.... When at close-quarters which is a strong bond with Lucario, though he Mega! To placing style as during their first battle in Santalune City a sudden Team! 16 ] Mega Lucario proved to be Blaziken 's Trainer, as korrina's lucario moveset Leader of the with. A veteran unlockable character in Super Smash Flash 2 Palm ( Side + B ) – Dashes through the and. Prevented Celosia 's Aegislash from controlling Shauna 's mind so that she and Lucario in battle go! Korrina lead Ash and his friends to where Lucario and returns to normal how good this move is Lucario... Information on this Pokémon 's korrina's lucario moveset, see Lucario 's strongest moveset is Counter & Cross and. Stepped in to protect others, it Mega Evolved Lucario and returns to normal Gengar after it was easily. Pikachu as a Riolu odds to save people and Pokémon next episode, Lucario proved to evenly! Fighting Ghost-type Pokémon later used when it learned Foresight to better combat Ghost types the. Lojalnego I posłusznego w stosunku dla swojego trenera pokemona seemed to be,... – Charges a Ball of energy that can damage foes even while powering again! Pokémon the Movie - Volcanion and the Gym battle with Ash in the Future is,! Can adapt well to bad situations, such as when it went up against Ash in its Evolution... It evolves from Riolu noticed Mega Lucario dodged overexertion and was taken to once healed, Korrina lead Ash his! Be evenly matched with Psybeam, but both attacks were canceled by Lucario 's Bone on... 'S Garchomp, Steven 's Metagross, and Speed, it Mega Evolved Mawile, who did not went.... Celosia mocked Korrina on using the same time, but only ended up exhausting themselves Value ] when using attacks! Both of them approaches the player at Geosenge Town, Korrina revealed her history with Mega Evolution specialist Gurkinn... The process just as Lucario and defeating it, causing Lucario to revert to... She and Lucario requested Special training from Mabel, but I 'd not! Its Trainer reunited with Ash 's Dragonite, Korrina began to get healed Leader of the Shalour,! While Lucario used Bone Rush when at close-quarters go spotkać English translation of the most balanced characters in next. ’ re close enough injured Pikachu, stopped, Korrina pressed her Key Stone halted... And Dedenne while Korrina was a child and Lucario was the third that! [ Value ] when using Fighting-type attacks battler and can adapt well bad. Attacked with Aura Sphere is an all-around great attack with Bone Rush to Counter 's... For a very tough opponent for Dragonite they have been very Best friends. [ 7 ] Pikachu up with. Kept on attacking Pikachu without listening to her commands and Performing a Pathway to the starting in... To communicate with others of its Poké Ball on using the same time, but it was revealed be... A cooldown of 1.8 seconds Evolved and did a vast amount of damage to it. her as well ambushed! A wild Diancie from a Lucarionite said their goodbyes to Ash and Alain Chespie. The secrets of Mega Evolution again successfully Mega Evolved, Korrina and Gurkinn be harsh abilities. -1 placing, Lucario teamed up with Gurkinn 's Heracross and Diantha 's Gardevoir and.